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Firstpost -FirstAct | Drama Queen x Firstpost presents

'For Tomorrow'


Concieved & Directed: Anuja Ghosalkar

Performers: Aliasger Dhariwala, Ayesha Susan Thomas, Gavati Wad, Rijul Ray

For Tomorrow is a devised performance created by documentary theatre maker Anuja Ghosalkar on Zoom in collaboration with two filmmakers & two actors. Her provocation to the four artists in their 20s was to imagine desire, sexuality, religion, language, and surveillance, several years post this pandemic. These five creators working across four cities, two continents traversing time zones, geographies and technologies, create brief vignettes of the future. It unwittingly documents this moment in the life of the four young artists and their view of tomorrow because as famous writer Ursula Leguin says, “The Future is a metaphor for now.” The performance uses Zoom – meant for official meetings or teaching — playfully, irreverently to create visually layered narratives of romance, distance, the self and a vision for tomorrow. It raises the question of form as well: Is it theatre? Is it a video film? Does this new technology enable a transitional space. And finally will the despair and uncertainties of today have mutated into intimate and healing ways of tomorrow?

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