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Drama Queen x University of Oxford presents



A performance on Amelia Bonea's short story, 'The Magic Mango'

By the students of Focus High School, Dar-ul-Shifa, Hyderabad

Concieved & Directed: Anuja Ghosalkar

Asistant Director & Technical Designer: Aliasger Dhariwala

Supported by: University of Oxford, Diseases of Modern Life, John Fell Fund.

Internet access is not equal for all in India. That it’s history is disordered and chequered is obvious, but perhaps needs reiteration. While working on Amelia Bonea’s story The Magic Mango with students of Focus High School, Dar-ul-Shifa, Hyderabad amplified this.


'Along The Lines' started with the history of telegraphy in India and became about home, distance, technology and communication in the present moment.

The students attend classes on their phones, re-jigged lap tops, fluctuating electricity. They are from varied backgrounds, some with modest means. Many children have stopped attending school because of no access to devices or internet.

The Promise of the Internet—what’s that?

Along The Lines of access, creating equitable voices, and making a performance, it has been challenging.

Do come see if our little show - Along The Lines - finds a soul amidst the chaos that is the Internet!

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